Ubisoft Not Teasing Anything Related To Far Cry 3, It Was Just A “Throwback”

Just recently there was some speculation running wild on the internet suggesting that Ubisoft might be teasing related to Far Cry series and might be a prequel to Far Cry 3. However, Ubisoft has clarified that the company was not teasing something related to Far Cry 3 but it was just a throwback to the game.

The speculation was the result of Ubisoft posting an image of an island on their official Facebook page, saying the “an island we never really left”. The island in question is the island from Far Cry 3 on which the game takes place. However, Ubisoft has told GameInformer that the image was just a “throwback post” and was not a tease for anything.

The last entry in the Far Cry franchise is Far Cry Primal which launch last year and since Ubisoft has not revealed anything about another Far Cry game being in development. However, Ubisoft has said that they are re-inventing the Far Cry franchise along with Assassin’s Creed and if they need to they will delay the upcoming Far Cry game for another year.

Ubisoft VP of Editorial, Tommy François bluntly said that Ubisoft is going for better quality for its game, even if that means skipping Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry games for another year. According to him, the alpha for these games should happen a year before release so that developers can polish the game.

I’ll tell you what, We believe Alpha for these games needs to be one year before release. We’re trying to achieve that. That’s super f****** blunt, I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say this. This is the goal we’re going for: Alpha one year before, more quality, more polish.

So if this means biting the [bullet] and not having an Assassin’s game, or a Far Cry [in 2017], f*** it.

However, the next Far Cry game might release later this year as Gamestop’s PlayStation 4 Software Upcoming Releases list recently got updated and the new list listed Far Cry 5 for PS4 with a release date of 26th November 2017.

What do you expect from the next Far Cry game from Ubisoft? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GameInformer