Ubisoft Begins The Division Free Play Period; Game Is Also On Sale

Ubisoft has begun a The Division free play period, allowing people that don’t have the game to play it for free until May 7, this coming Sunday. The game will also be on sale, going for $19.99 until May 15. In case you like the game enough to buy it, your progress will also be carried over.

Ubisoft’s The Division takes place in a post-pandemic New York, where a biological terror attack has crippled America and thrown New York City into chaos. You play as an operative of the Strategic Homeland Division, who is attempting to restore order among the madness.

The game, despite a rocky start plagued with glitches, hackers, and other problems, has since gotten back onto its feet due to a dedicated effort by Ubisoft to fix its problems. Multiple DLCs have also added new content, and expanded the map. So, if you want to join in on the Division free play period, there’s never been a better time.

You can even make use of the currently existing free demo in order to make more progress. The Division’s demo allows you to play until you hit six hours, or your character hits level 8. With this, plus the free play period, you can even make more progress than in the trial period, unless you’ve played the Division demo and were just waiting for a cheaper way to buy it.

The Division is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and the PC version is also on sale (though it’s $24.99, five dollars more than the console version). While there’s no indication that the Division free play period will also offer the game’s DLC along with it when you buy the game, at least with the main game only being 20 dollars you won’t be spending as much to buy all of the DLC along with the base game.