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Sony E3 2017 Press Conference Is Scheduled For June 12

The Sony E3 2017 press conference is apparently going to be scheduled for June 12, 2017, on a Wednesday. The conference will take place at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time), and will be the only conference that day. We also know what games Sony will be showing off at E3.

The Sony conference is pretty well-timed, as before it E3 gamers will likely be watching the Microsoft and Bethesda conferences, which would have otherwise likely left some people tuning out after watching two conferences in a row.

The Sony E3 2017 press conference will include the following games in its lineup: Days Gone, The Last Of Us 2, Death Stranding, Hellblade, Gran Turismo Sport, and God of War PS4. While there may be more that they haven’t told us about, these are some of the bigger titles that Playstation fans will be looking forward to.

There are a number of other lists on what games the other publishers will be showing off at their own conferences, so we can expect a pretty good amount of content at the event when it finally rolls around in June. While there, we’ll hopefully get release dates on some of the games that have come out at other E3s before now, along with a number of new games that aren’t on the lists.

Among other conferences, Nintendo likely won’t have a physical conference. Instead, they’ll apparently be doing a digital event. Ubisoft will also have its own conference, but for now we don’t know when that will be. It could be the same day as the Sony conference, or the same day as the Bethesda and Microsoft conferences.

Either way, hopefully the Sony E3 2017 press conference will give us a lot of cool games both on announcements for new games and more trailers for previously announced titles.