Prey 2017: Any Of The Game’s Endings Can Be Considered Canon

The launch of Prey 2017 is just around the corner and while the game is a day away from launch there is already talk of the sequel. However, since Prey 2017 will feature multiple endings depending on players’ choices and that creates a problem that which ending will be considered canon.

Well, developer Arkane Studios has an answer to that. Arkane’s Raphael Colantonio told Stevivor that any of the Prey 2017 endings can be considered canon. He added that “I think it’s possible for any of the endings to work” when asked about which game ending will be considered canon.

This will be quite different compared to Dishonored, which also had multiple endings but only one of them was considered canon in Dishonored 2. Another thing that will be different in Prey 2017 from Dishonored 2 will be its PC version of the game which the studio promises that will not suffer like Dishonored 2 did.

This time we are, given what happened with Dishonored 2, we doubled our thoroughness in making sure that the game is going to run smoothly. At this point the game is fully ready, but that’s what we’ve been doing for the past months–a lot of tests on different configurations and making sure it works. So we’re pretty confident. You never know. But we’re pretty confident.

Also, the studio has confirmed that Prey will be getting post-launch DLC. According to Creative Director Raphael Colantonio, Arkane Studios has no plans to announce yet but said that the development team is “absolutely” working on post-launch DLC along with post-launch updates.

He also revealed that players will have to play Prey multiple times in order to unlock all the powers. This combined with branching storyline adds to the replayability of the game.

Prey is an upcoming first-person action-adventure game in development at Arkane Studios and is scheduled to launch on May 5, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Stevivor