Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Battle Mode Guide – Battle Modes Tips, How to Win Races in Battle Mode

The Battle Mode in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has gone through a massive change with eight new battle maps and five different modes to choose from. All of this extra content can be a bit overwhelming at first given how the modes are pretty different from each other.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Battle Mode guide will provide useful tips to the players as well as breakdown all the different playable modes so players know exactly what they are diving into when they go on a race online or against friends.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Battle Mode

While all the five modes are, since it is a racing game, based on players driving around in vehicles and racing each other, they are also more objective oriented than simply reaching the finish line. Some of these modes has players teaming up with 5 others to duke it out in 6v6 scenarios.

Balloon Battle
Balloons in this mode serve as the health bar for each player. The goal is to pop the opponent’s balloons while protecting their own. However, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Balloon Battle mode takes place in actual battle arenas instead of on race tracks so all twelve players will be driving around in circles around the same area, picking up power ups and trying to take each other down.

The score is calculated by the number of hits a player can land on an opponent. Each player starts off with 5 balloons and one hit pops one balloon but if someone loses all their balloons, it isn’t game over for them. Instead, they lose a big chunk of their accumulated points. The person with the most successful hits becomes the winner at the end.

The map on the bottom right corner mentions which player has the highest point so it would be a good idea to target those players and steal points from them if players see an opportunity, however protecting their own points should also be very important.

Renegade Roundup
This mode is like Cops vs Robbers, or as known in the game, Authority vs Renegades. The mode takes place in teams of six, with the Authority team being strapped with Piranha Plants while the other six have to roam around the arena and get pickups to protect themselves from the piranhas.

Every time a Renegade gets eaten, they are transferred to a jail cell on the other side of the map and cannot escape without help from other Renegades. If all Renegades get arrested, the match ends and the Authorities win.

In order to make sure all Renegades don’t get arrested, freeing those in the jail cell should be a high priority. To do that, one of the free Renegades need to his the big switch with the key on it, underneath the cage to open up the cell door. Freeing Renagades ends up adding to the team’s score and at the end of Round 2, after all 12 players have had a chance to play as Renegades, the total score is calculated for each team and the one with the highest wins.

To avoid getting arrested, players can use the Coins littered across the arena to get speed boost and escape the Piranahas. Similarly, Authorities can also use these coins to catch up to fleeing Renegades.

Bob-Omb Blast
This mode is a modified version of the classic Balloon Battle with every area with an Item Box now also housing Bob-ombs in them. Players can hold up to 10 bob-ombs at a time and then try to bust the opponent’s balloons.

Given the damage area of a bob-omb, it is best to avoid large groups of players in this mode so that players don’t end up taking damage from a stray bob-omb and lost their balloons and points. Whenever players see a small group of players, they can target those and escape the area before the bob-ombs go off to avoid the blast damage.

Coin Runners
Similar to Renegade Roundup, Coins are also present in this mode but they are the main objective here. Players need to collect and hold on to as many points as possible before the timer runs out. If they get hit by another player, they will drop a large number of coins on the ground which can then be picked by someone else.

Players should focus on avoiding other players in this mode unless it is necessary and pick up the coins that randomly spawn across the map. Once they have a decent amount of points, the main goal should be survival and avoiding players as much as possible.

Shine Thief
Players need to grab Shine in this mode and then hold on to it for twenty seconds while avoiding other players since there is just one Shine on the map so every player is after it. When a player gets hit, they drop Shine on the floor and it can be picked by anyone else.

Since the time is cumulative, players have to hold the Shine for a total of 20 seconds and doesn’t matter if they dropped it a number of times before they were able to get up to the 20s mark.

However, if players held the Shine for less than 5 seconds and then they drop it, their timer will reset to zero. Using a mushroom or Super Star can help players steal a Shine directly from a player instead of picking it up from the ground after it drops.

The best way to win this mode is to select a fast kart so players can not only get to the Shine before others but also be able to avoid all the players and keep holding the Shine. Since there is just one objective, the player who holds it becomes the target of every other player in the game which is why speed and avoidance is absolutely essential to winning.