League of Legends Pings Can Now Be Muted by Players

After years of requesting, Riot Games is finally giving players the much-needed ability to mute League of Legends pings.

Posting on the official forums, communications specialist Nathaniel “NaKyle” Kyle confirmed that the new ping-muting feature will be enabled on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) in the next few days. If everything goes according to plan, the developer hopes to ship it out for the live servers within just a couple of patches.

“This is a new button we’re adding to the tab menu,” said Riot Games. “It’ll axe standard, smart, and HUD pings from the player you ping mute.”

Note that the game already contains a mute functionality in its list of options. The new button to silence League of Legends pings will not replace that and exist alongside “to give everyone granular mute controls.”

Once the feature is available for everyone, players simply need to type “/mute full” in the chat to block out all pings issued by friendlies in that specific game.

While the League of Legends pings are crucial and very informative when it comes to coordinating with team members, some players can start spamming it just to annoy others. For example, a player in a particular lane may start pinging the jungler for help. However, if help does not arrive, the player may begin spamming the shrilly sound just to vent and annoy others.

All these years, Riot Games has taken a stance against the muting of the feature. The reason being that it is the sole way of communicating with allies without having to type in the chat-box. Considering the toxicity levels in League of Legends, players may simply begin every game by muting pings. This in turn would lead to bad gameplay experience, something that the developer wanted to stop.

However, it appears that we have reached the extent to the problem. Being able to mute League of Legends pings will be a blessing indeed.