More League of Legends ARAM Changes Revealed for Patch 7.10

It was last month when Riot Games announced that it would be introducing new League of Legends ARAM changes to make games shorter. While Patch 7.8 recently achieved that by making super minions much stronger and forcing more cannon minions to spawn with each wave, there is still a lot more to be done.

Posting on the official forums, lead live designer Brian “FeralPony” Feeney noted that the recent League of Legends ARAM changes unhinged the scales of balance in certain aspects. Some champions who were already strong in the game mode became a lot stronger, while the opposite happened for those who were weak to begin with.

“We’re not aiming for anything near perfect balance for ARAM, and we won’t be doing champion specific balance for ARAM,” he explained, “but there are some small changes here we think can go a long way in bridging some of this gap.”

Here is how another round of League of Legends ARAM changes will affect the mode. Firstly, the respawn timer on inhibitors is being slightly increased. Secondly, a bit of the armor values of super minions are being transfered over to magic resistance. These changes will not only decrease the amount of super minions on the map but also make it a bit easier to deal with them.

In addition, the blue side will spawn the first cannon minion so that the small experience advantage goes over to the red side. All melee champions will receive a small boost to their magic resistance values. The amount of gold flow is also being increased.

The developer is even considering to tweak how Tear of the Goddess stacks in the mode, given that games are now much shorter than before.

Riot Games hopes to pushed the changes with Patch 7.10 later this month. They should be heading to the Public Beta Environment (PBE) soon, if they are not already there. The same patch should also include the recently revealed Pulsefire Caitlyn skin.