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The God of War PS4 Release Date Might Have Been Leaked By A Retailer

The God of War PS4 release date may have been leaked by a Portugese retailer, if their information is correct. The retailer, Gaming Replay, said that the game might have been releasing on September 14 of this year. However, we don’t have any specific information about whether the information is accurate or not.

God of War PS4 has been the talk of a good number of the franchise’s fans ever since it revealed at the Playstation conference of last year’s E3. However, Sony Santa Monica hasn’t revealed anything related to a release date. If the retailer is correct, however, we may have a rough idea of when the game will release.

Even if it isn’t September 14, the game is still slated to hopefully come out this year. And, with the ways that it’s taking steps away from the regular God of War formula, the amount of anticipation around it is likely going to be working in the game’s favor.

God of War PS4 is not only going to be taking place in a new location (focusing on the Norse pantheon), but will also have new characters, with Kratos apparently having a son, no Blades of Olympus, and above all Kratos appears to have given up at least some of his murderous ways.

While we don’t really know much about the game’s story, its characters, or its world, the possibility of the God of War PS4 release date being September 14 like the retailer says is at least something to look forward to. We’ll likely learn about its actual release date when E3 comes around next month, but for the meantime we’ll have to just wait.

God of War PS4 will be coming out on both the Playstation 4 and the Playstation 4 Pro exclusively, so if you’re wanting to play the game you’ll have to buy one of the two to play it.