Esports Twitter Impressions Amounted to Billions in 2016

Many would be surprised to learn how important the micro-blogging social media platform is for the health of competitive video games. Last year, the amount of Twitter impressions in relation to esports clocked over 250 billion. To put that into perspective, the figure is nearly half the population of North America and roughly thirty percent of the total population of the planet.

The stats were released earlier this week as part of a report by the New York Times, which is mostly aimed at advertisers and marketers. The campaign brings to attention the importance and impact of correctly handling a brand on the platform. Considering the monstrous amounts of Twitter impressions from last year, it is pretty clear that esports has not only expanded its boundaries but also provided an array of business opportunities.

It should be noted that the billions of Twitter impressions recorded in 2016 were associated with only gaming accounts. Taking that into consideration, it is safe to say that the total amount of esports conversations recorded last year on the micro-blogging platform would be much higher.

Earlier this year, Twitter took its first steps towards accepting esports by providing live coverage of major events for its users. It hopes to increase engagement and encourage new users to join. In that light, it is possible that we might see Twitter introduce new features just for the esports crowd.

With the world of competitive games becoming more popular every year, it would be interesting to see just how the numbers from this year compare with its predecessor. Over 250 billion Twitter impressions are overwhelming, but we are likely to see that figure increase by a large margin in the coming years.