Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Invitations Give US A Clue About The Game’s World

Destiny 2 gameplay reveal is happening later this month and during the event, gamers will be able to try the game on PC and PS4. Bungie has started to send out invitations for the event and these very invitations have given us a clue about the game’s world.

The clue comes from the invitations for the Destiny 2 reveal event which welcomes attendees to a “world without light”. For those of you who have played Destiny know that light plays an important role in the game as it is essential to grow stranger and power up. This could be a hint that after the attack on the last city that light is no more.

Destiny 2 is months way from launch and Bungie has revealed nothing about the game but a reveal trailer, however, fans have found something interesting about the upcoming game and a fan theory about it making rounds on the internet. According to this fan theory, Fallen will be allies in Destiny 2.

The evidence for this fan theory is Destiny’s Grimoire. Grimoire added in Age of Triumph known as Ghost Fragment: Fallen 6 explains that Fallen are fleeing from Earth and they have burned their banners. According to the fan theory, the reason that Fallen are leaving Earth is because of the Cabal attack on the Last City and the traveler himself.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter in development at Bungie and is scheduled to launch this fall for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.