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Xbox One Project Scorpio External Hard Drive Can Install Games

A new function of the Xbox One Scorpio has been revealed by a tweet from Phil Spencer, showing that the Project Scorpio External hard drive can install games. This means you can take a USB HDD that you use in your current Xbox One, plug it into your Scorpio, and install your games.

We haven’t really learned much about the Xbox One Scorpio, despite having its specs revealed to us a few weeks ago. The addition of the external hard drive being able to have games installed off of it is just one new bit of technical information, though at least it’s reputable since it came off of Spencer’s official Twitter.

We’ll likely get more information about the Scorpio when E3 rolls around next month, but until then we’ll have to be on the lookout to see if Phil Spencer or other Microsoft insiders and executives give out more details.

If the Xbox One Project Scorpio external hard drive actually can have games installed from it, it can be a welcome addition to the console and will allow players to easily install their games onto the Xbox One Scorpio from one easy source. The Xbox One already allowed game sharing, and it seems like this will be continued with the Scorpio.

However, it’ll probably take more information than this to get people to buy the Scorpio. After all, despite all the hype Microsoft is generating for it, we still haven’t seen very many official details, including how it looks, and one of the most important parts: the price.

The Xbox One Scorpio is supposed to be a premium console and will be priced accordingly, though various online retailers have different price listings. Since it’s supposed to be a competitor to the PCs that so often outstrip consoles in terms of graphics and performance, plus the Project Scorpio external hard drive, the price may be justified.