Prey Day One Patch Is 1.3GB In Size, Fixes Enemy AI As Well As Numerous Optimizations

Arkane Studios’ Prey is still a few days away from release but the developers have released information regarding the Prey Day One patch for the game that will be available on all platforms.

The 1.3GB patch was first discovered through retail copies of the game which broke the street date. While there are a number of fixes in the patch including framerate optimizations, perhaps the one which stands out the most is a fix to AI behavior.

Prior to the patch, enemy AI could shoot players should walls which pretty much makes cover useless. Thankfully, the Prey Day One patch will address the issue and hostile Operator robots should no longer shoot the player through walls. Some of the other fixes in the Prey Day One patch are listed below:

  • Phantom corpses will now have proper names if they were NPCs that were turned into phantoms.
  • Gloo Gun no longer loses functionality after placing too many gloo balls in a level
  • Hacking minigame will now properly display what object is being hacked in the UI
  • Quickload loads the most recent save of an type, not just auto-save
  • Addressed several framerate bugs
  • Addressed several save/load bugs

Judging by the extensive list of changes in the patch, it seems like Arkane is fully determined to not make the same mistake as they did with Dishonored 2 and instead focus on delivering a highly polished product, just as they had promised.

Prey is set to launch on PS4, PC and Xbox One on 5th May. A playable demo of the game is available on consoles which include the first hour of the game, however, some people have figured out a way to go beyond the demo area.

Similar to Dishonored 2, Prey will also require multiple playthroughs if someone is interested in being a completionist and wants to unlock everything.