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New Upgrades Incoming for Pulsefire Ezreal in League of Legends

Riot Games is finally following through its promise to improve the Pulsefire Ezreal skin in League of Legends with several upcoming upgrades.

Released nearly six years ago, Pulsefire Ezreal was the first ultimate skin of the game. It astonished everyone with its multiple forms that would come to light as the character leveled up, as well as a long list of voice overs and interactions. An accompanying profile banner, summoner icon, and ward skin made the hefty price worth it.

However, League of Legends evolved with time and Pulsefire Ezreal soon came of age. This aspect became more prominent with the recent release of Elementalist Lux. Hence, the community has rightfully been requesting Riot Games to improve the condition of Pulsefire Ezreal to better reflect his ultimate status. That time is now.

A new update released yesterday for the Public Beta Environment (PBE) reveals an upgraded character model and improved textures, new visual effects and voice overs, and a unique dance and recall animation for the skin.

The graphical updates will not change the pricing of Pulsefire Ezreal. It will remain in the shop with the price tag of 3250 RP, which is basically the same for all four ultimate skins currently available in League of Legends.

The announcement of Pulsefire Ezreal comes on the back of Pulsefire Caitlyn. The Sheriff of Piltover has become a bounty hunter that travels between worlds by opening up portals. She is armed with an intimidating gigantic rail-gun, and boasts “tactical” but sleek textures. Unlike her counterpart, she will be a Legendary skin in the game and release for 1820 RP.

Both Pulsefire skins should hit live servers in the next week or so when Riot Games pushes the highly anticipated League of Legends mid-season update.