Warning! Xbox One Faux Update Locking Out The Console, Here’s a Workaround

Microsoft has been bringing quite a lot of features through its updates and while every new update makes things easier for its users, the latest Xbox One Faux Update has introduced some issues for the users which also include locking out the console.

Users have been reporting that after Xbox One Faux Update an issue is popping up while trying to log-in into the console. According to the reports, the login works as it should but throws a warning about having trouble trying to find an update while there is no other update to download.

The users have reported that this issue occurs randomly and there is no way to find out why it is happening in the first place. This issue looks out the console until the user either restarts the console or skip the update and play games offline, which might be a problem for those who play online.


There is a temporary fix for this issue, unplug the console for a minute and turn it on again and it will be fine.

Note: The workaround works for most users but if you keep facing the same problem, it is best to play offline until a hotfix arrives.