Can Gunfire Games Deliver A True Darksiders Experience With Darksiders 3?

It is has been a very interesting day, at least for me, as Darksiders 3 has been leaked ahead of its official reveal. According to the leak, the game is in development at Gunfire Games, a relatively new studio, and apparently, Darksiders 3 is the first high-profile game from the studio.

The screenshots that leaked showcase Fury as the main protagonist of the game and the art style is true to the first two Darksiders game. Aside from the art style being true to the franchise, one must ask if it is a wise decision from THQ Nordic to let a relatively new studio to develop a game which has a strong fan following and most importantly if the studio will be able to deliver a proper Darksiders experience in terms of gameplay and storytelling.

Darksiders franchise was originally developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. Following the THQ’s bankruptcy the franchise was acquired by Nordic Games, which later became the THQ Nordic.

The reason why we should be worried about the Gunfire Games developing the game is that while the studio has worked on Darksiders 2: Definitive edition, the studio has no major release under its belt. The only games developed by the studio are Chronos, Darksiders 2: Definitive edition, Herobound: Spirit Champion, From Other Suns, and Dead and Burned.

I am not assuming that Gunfire Games will definitely screw up Darksiders 3 just because it is a relatively new studio. However, as a Darksiders fan, I was worried about the game if the studio will be able to deliver?, and that is why I researched a bit, by that I mean I looked up their website, and I am glad that I did and it gave me some hope that Gunfire Games is definitely the best choice for Darksiders 3.

The reason why I think the studio will be able to pull off the game is that Gunfire Games is mostly made up the former Vigil Games’ developers, yes the studio behind the first two Darksiders games. The developers at Gunfire Games held key positions that Vigil Games including Game Director, Executive Producer, Technical Director, Technical Art Director, Lead Environment Artist, Lead UI Artist, Principal Animator and a big chunk of other Vigil Games devs.

Another reason for being worried about the game is that will the developers be able to deliver according to the hype, because those who have played the first two Darksiders, including me, are definitely waiting for a third one and have high hopes for Darksiders 3.

Right now all we can do is speculate and only time will tell if Gunfire Games is up to the task, and I really hope they do, until then we will just have to wait for THQ Nordic to officially reveal the game.

Do you think Gunfire Games will be able to deliver the core Darksiders experience with the upcoming game? Let us know in the comments.