Here Is How To Go Beyond Prey 2017 Demo Area

Arkane Studios has released the demo for their upcoming game, Prey 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Demos are usually released to give players a taste of what the game is all about and restrict players from going outside of the designated area. However, players have found ways to venture outside of the demo area.

As reported by Gamerant, Players have been finding and sharing methods to leave the Prey 2017 demo play area on social media. These methods involve using the GLOO Gun to climb up a broken down elevator shaft and access hard to reach areas. One player even bounced a crossbow arrow off a blob of GLOO to open up a door.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as players have been sharing a number of ways to access areas that players are not supposed to access. One player even found a “secret safe” which requires players to answer a series of questions in order to reach it. Once the player is able to open up the safe they will have access to three new Neuromods and even unlocks a mission.

Prey 2017 will launch for PC alongside the consoles, however, many PC users are concerned because Dishonored 2, Arkane’s previous title, was not running very well on PC. But, the studio has assured fans that the upcoming game will not suffer as Dishonored 2 did on PC.

Furthermore, Arkane Studio has confirmed that Prey will receive post-launch DLC. According to Creative Director, Raphael Colantonio, Arkane Studios has no plans to announce yet but said that the development team is “absolutely” working on post-launch DLC along with post-launch updates.

According to lead designer Ricardo Bare, the game will have multiple endings and it will all depend on the players’ choice regarding the space station and the characters that are still alive. However, there will be two main endings, the rest will be variations of these two.

Arakne Studios had acknowledged that Prey’s vision is way bigger than the development team itself. According to Arkane’s Lead System Designer, Seth Shain, the sheer scope and audacity of the game is bigger than the development team.

Prey is a first-person horror survival game developed by Arkane Studios and is scheduled to launch on May 5, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStaiton 4.

Source: Gamerant