Report: Pokemon Stars Is The Sun And Moon Port For Nintendo Switch

Pokemon games are quite popular among gamers and the success of Pokemon Sun And Moon and Pokemon Go represents it perfectly. However, there has been no Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch and there have been rumors that Game Freak is working on a Pokemon game for Switch, Pokemon Stars, which will be Switch port of Sun And Moon.

As we are waiting for the official announcement for a Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch, a new line of Pokemon merchandise has made its way into the Japanese market that suggests Pokemon Stars will be a Switch port of Pokemon Sun And Moon.

As reported by Gamerant, this new Pokemon merchandise comes with a tagline “Look Upon the Stars”. According to the report, while some may think this is just a reference to the Cosmog’s appearance but the report suggests that it is a reference to the rumored Pokemon Stars, a port of Sun And Moon.

However, given that Nintendo is yet to announce the game officially take this as a grain of salt. However, there is a possibility that it could be a completely new Pokemon Game for Switch.

Do you think Nintendo would bring a Pokemon Sun and Moon port of Nintendo Switch or it will be a completely new game? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamerant