Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Release Listed for Coming Months

Activision may be breaking its ridiculous stance over the release of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered standalone version in the coming months.

According to a product listing on GameFly (via Charlie Intel), the overhauled version of one of the best installments in the franchise will get an independent release on June 20 for PlayStation 4 and a month later on Xbox One. However, the listing was taken down soon after.

Provided that the listing is legitimate, the Modern Warfare Remastered standalone version will be releasing right after the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next month. This means that Activision and Infinity Ward could possibly be taking the stage at E3 2017 to make the official announcement. Taking into account that the PlayStation 4 version will be arriving first, in accordance with the timed-exclusive partnership between both companies, we should be hearing the announcement during Sony’s press briefing.

Modern Warfare Remastered was released last November alongside the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare installment. However, the publisher chose to hold the remastered version hostage by bundling it together with Infinite Warfare. The only way for players to purchase Modern Warfare Remastered is to get the more expensive special editions that contain both games. Though, it has been six months now and price drops have made it a bit cheaper.

Nonetheless, those who waited this long will finally be able to see the release of the much-requested Modern Warfare Remastered standalone version. However, there is no telling as to what price tag Activision will slap on the game. Hopefully, it will not arrive with the full price of a new release. Taking into account that it is a remastered game, as well as that Activision has already earned enough by bundling it together with Infinite Warfare, a standalone cost of $30 or less should suffice.

Most recently, Modern Warfare Remastered received a variety map pack on PlayStation 4. The developer also announced the return of the popular Prop Hunt mode for the game for the weekend.