Historic Battles We Want to Experience in Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII is aiming to be as historical as possible so we can expect to visit some great historical places where intense battles took place. It has already been confirmed that Call of Duty: WWII story takes us back to the roots of Call of Duty and its intense storyline is the highlight this year. The very first two missions of the game will take us to Hurtgen Forest And Normandy. Both battles lay the foundation of things to come in Call of Duty: WWII story, the things players will experience.

This means that we know of two locations already, Normandy and Hurtgen battles. Hurtgen Forest hosted fierce battles fought from 19 September to 16 December 1944 between the American and German forces during the World War 2. The battle of Hurtgen Forest is the longest battle fought on German ground, and longest the American army has ever fought. The main goal was to keep the German forces pinned down in one location to stop them from reinforcing the front line.

Meanwhile, in the Invasion of Normandy, the western allies launched the largest amphibious invasion in history when they assaulted Normandy. Another great battle is the Battle of Bulge. The battle took place on 16 December 1944 – 25 January 1945 and it was the final major German Offensive campaign during the World War II.

Battle of Monte Cassino aka Battle of Rome is another major battle we would love to experience in Call of Duty: WWII. Allies lost their lives while fighting for freedom in Italy. The main campaign might not feature this location as it is based on the American efforts. However, DLC is our best bet.

Want to know what other battles we can expect in Call of Duty: WWII? Check out the video above.