Battlefield 1 Rental Server Program Still Disappointing Players

The Battlefield 1 Rental Server program continues to leave dismayed players in its wake due to the “lack of proper tools” for administrative purposes.

Posting on Reddit, a player expressed discontent over how the developer and publisher are mistreating the feature. His clan recently collected donations to rent a server for their community. However, the experience has so far been less than satisfactory.

“The new server program is really dismal,” wrote radeonalex. “It’s a waste of time and money. Everything is buggy and the lack of proper server tools is poor. It’s such a sad way to go given that since BF1942, we’ve always been able to run without major issues.”

Some of the problems being faced include the inability to manually balance teams. The server does not automatically switch players. Hence, if a few decide to leave between rounds, the game will continue with an unbalanced side until the players themselves decide to make the switch.

The administrator panel is apparently buggy and unresponsive. Changing server settings while players are playing can often freeze the control panel, forcing the owner of the server to request EA for a reset. In addition, some gameplay features are also buggy. The server simply ignores the vote of players and chooses the next map in the set rotation. Sometimes, the server gets stuck playing the same map over and over again until an administrator steps in to reset the rotation.

The disgruntled player also highlighted that the technical support staff connected with the Battlefield 1 Rental Server program is seldom helpful and available. Those with server issues must wait until a specialist is available, and even that does not guarantee a solution.

Finally, the player brought to attention the harm the game’s Premium Pass is inflicting on the community. Many do not own the latest expansion pack, meaning that running new maps will often result in almost empty servers.

“All in all, to anyone considering renting a server, don’t bother,” he concluded. “The server program is awful. There are no useful tools, it’s buggy and unstable and really, it’s just depressing. Save your money to be honest.”

The recent Spring Update did improve the Battlefield 1 Rental Server program by giving more powers to server administrators. They can now grant other players admin-level rights to their servers, reduce the number of players required to end pre-rounds, and protect their servers with passwords.