Everything We Know About Darksiders 3: Release, Lead Character, Platforms and More

The long awaited Darksiders 3 is finally getting its time in the limelight. The game is coming out on consoles and PC. Amazon leaked the title along with some images of the new game. Meanwhile, THQ Nordic is silent. The Early information confirms that Gunfire Games is developing Darksiders 3. The studio has previously worked on Darksiders 2: Deathfinitive Edition.

THQ has kept Darksiders 3 close to its chest but we have managed to get some information about the title. So here is everything we know about Darksiders 3 from Gunfire Games.

Release Date

Darksiders 3 is still without a final release date but we know that the title is coming out in 2018. Judging by the recent leaks, we can expect the details to arrive in the coming days or weeks. It seems THQ had plans for E3 but Amazon spoiled their plans.


Darksiders 3 has been confirmed for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We may also see a Project Scorpio enhanced version in the future but for now, these platforms are all we have. Sony may speak with the developers for a PS4 Pro patch for Darksiders 3 but nothing has so far been confirmed.

The Third Horsemen

The lead protagonist in Darksiders 3 is none other than Fury. For those who don’t know, Fury is the third horsemen of the apocalypse. We don’t know if her story will be parallel to the first or second game. They will most probably try to keep this parallel-ish.

Fury Collection Coming

Before the release of the third game, developers will provide us a Fury Collection. The collection comes with two games – Darksiders 1 and 2 (Deathfinitive Edition) featuring War and Death. What’s odd is that they using Fury’s name for the collection which doesn’t make sense.

New Studio At the Helm

THQ Nordic has put Gunfire Games at the helm of Darksiders 3. Gunfire has previously worked on the Deathfinitite Edition and this is their first major project. It seems like a risky move but there shouldn’t be a reason to worry as the development team consists of original Darksiders developers.

Stays True to the Original

Gunfire is made up of developers from the original Darksiders which was released back in 2010. This is why the art style of the third game stays true to the original. The leaked images are quite satisfying to look at for the hardcore fans of the series.