Tekken 7 Player and Character Customization Options Leaked

It was already established beforehand that the Tekken 7 player and character customization tabs would feature some of most ridiculous and goofy options. Now, we get to have a deeper look into the game’s cosmetic wardrobe.

Interested in having a monkey or a miniature car sit atop of your character’s head? Perhaps a fully functional drone or plates of perfectly cooked Wontons. It is all there and more.

A new video offers a quick look into the many Tekken 7 player and character customization options that we will get access to.

Beginning with player customization; the game will allow you to fiddle with everything that is displayed on the Battle Screen HUD. This includes the health bar, frames, fonts, and more. The player information panel will also receive similar options.

Next is character customization; delving in upper and lower body outfits, glasses, face-paints, and hats. There is also a wide array of accessories as well as special on-hit effects.

According to the user, the footage is from the final PlayStation 4 build of the game and was captured at the headquarters of Bandai Namco. In a followup comment, he revealed that there are some aspects not shown in this video. Besides the Tekken 7 player and character customization tabs, players will have the option to change colors and customize the soundtrack as well.

Furthermore, Tekken 7 will feature “Magic Mirror” that prevents opponents from moving or hitting after they land the finishing blow. The feature has to be unlocked first and is a way of stopping opponents from disrespecting after winning games.

For those wondering, a lot of characters will have traditional outfits taken from previous Tekken installments. This includes the original costumes of Jin, Eddy, and others. As for the recently revealed Treasure Battle mode, you can “earn ranks, money, and unlock customization.” There is also a “Turbo Battle” option.

Tekken 7 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 2.