Destiny 2 Gameplay Stream Scheduled For 18th May, Includes PS4 and PC Hands-On Experience

Since the reveal of the game with the cinematic trailer, fans have been itching for a look at Destiny 2 gameplay. Thankfully Bungie has heard them and will be livestreaming the event on 18th May.

The official Bungie website posted a News story informing fans of the shooter as well as FPS fans looking to dive into the franchise that the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere will take place on 18th May.

The story also revealed that the stream will include gameplay from the PC version as well.

The original Destiny and its subsequent DLCs skipped PC and were only released on consoles. With the upcoming release of Destiny 2 on PC, shooter fans who didn’t try the original are really excited to learn more about this MMO-esque FPS.

Unfortunately, the livestream will not include footage from the Xbox One version of the game which is weird since both PS4 and PC are included.

It could suggest that the developers are more interested in showcasing the game running on Project Scorpio to fully highlight everything the platform and the new game has to offer. After all, Phil Spencer thinks the game will be as massive as World of Warcraft.

Once the Destiny 2 gameplay livestream ends, those present at the event will also be able to try out the game for themselves on both PS4 and PC. As the date approaches closer, Bungie has also started sending out goodies to some of the people they will be inviting to the event.

Despite its flaws and shortcomings, mainly revolving around the story of the game, the original Destiny was a pretty big success and ended up getting a number of DLCs across its two year cycle.

The game also ended up influencing some other shooters as well such as the upcoming Call of Duty WWII which seems to be recreating The Tower social space for the first time ever in a Call of Duty game.