Ark Survival Evolved Is About To Get A Map Change With The Erupting Volcano In Next Update

The upcoming big update for Ark Survival Evolved will be changing the game’s Island map in a pretty significant way according to developer Studio Wildcard.

The dormant volcano near the center of the map will no longer be dormant and after the upcoming v257 update, the volcano will erupt destroying everything and everyone around it. The update is scheduled to drop on 4th May for PC.

Of course, this eruption will not be a sudden event which is why the developers have been warning the community to start shifting all their belongings in Ark Survival Evolved to a safer area and away from the volcano. Players will also not be able to see the actual volcano erupting and spewing lava over the area.

Once players start the game after the v257 update, they will just notice that everything in the danger zone around the volcano has been destroyed and the map’s layout is also a bit different from before. According to lead designer Jeremy Stieglitz, doing such a thing

would have presented some technical and artistic concerns that would have taken critical time away from things which we think will matter most to general player enjoyment of the game in the shipping 1.0 build

The game’s world has also been altered in a slight way to indicate the hot zone of the eruption so players know where to relocate before the eruption occurs. Currently, the dormant volcano is the prime spot for farming resources such as metal and it is possible that the resource farming in the area might improve after the update but there would also be more dangers present.

According to Wildcard, once the event has occurred, players should try to revisit the volcano for some interesting new content including the Tek cave, supposedly the most difficult dungeon in the game yet.

The Tek tier also received some other new additions in the current v256 update which also included a nerf to the flying dinosaurs. Thankfully, modders have worked on a solution to that problem.

There will also be some building restrictions in the area after the volcano erupts with people being