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New Playstation Console May Be Released As Soon As 2018

According to a Macquarie Capital Securities analyst named Damian Thong, a new Playstation console might be getting released sometime around 2018, if his prediction is right. Despite how outlandish it sounds (especially since by then the console would have only been out five years), this is the same analyst that predicted the PS4 Pro.

The Playstation 4 first came out in November of 2013, the same time period as the Xbox One. Since then, both consoles have sold millions of units, but if what Thong is saying is true, we may be getting a new Playstation console already.

The previous console generation, the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, lasted from 2005 until 2013, a period of eight years before the next consoles came out. If we are indeed getting a new console from Sony, then they’ll be putting a new console into production three years earlier than last time.

However, even then it wouldn’t make very much sense for them to: they just put out the Playstation 4 Pro last November, investing a lot of time and technology into the console that might not have had all the time it needs to really get the ball rolling. Not to mention, Playstation’s existing consoles have been outselling pretty much everyone, so why would they need a new console?

If Thong is correct, it’s likely that we might have heard from someone else about it by now. After all, we were hearing hints about the Playstation 4 Pro (or the Neo, as it was known back then) several months before it was even officially announced.

We don’t really know what might be happening when it comes to a new Playstation console, but until we actually get something revealed for it (which might even be several months before it’s even released), we can’t really trust that Thong is going to be right.