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Nintendo’s NES Classic Sales Were Over 2 Million Units, Still Got Discontinued

Apparently, despite its limited run, Nintendo’s NES Classic sales ended up being extremely successful, with over two million units being sold. The NES Classic was discontinued several weeks ago due to a lot of supply difficulties, but Nintendo was still able to put out two million of the things.

The NES Classic was originally a remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System, which included thirty different games for it. However, despite it supposedly being only for a limited run, the popularity of the thing took off and NES Classic sales skyrocketed.

Nintendo was unable to completely supply the demand for the consoles, and eventually ended up canning production because of it, but the NES Classic did drive apparently pay for itself despite supposedly being a limited run.

Even with all of the supply difficulties, and with the console originally priced only at around $59, the NES Classic was being sold on other markets for several hundred dollars because they were in such high demand.

Reggie Fils-Amie, the President of Nintendo of America, said that they underestimated the sheer amount of demand that the console would get. The last time we’d heard anything about NES Classic sales was several months ago, when they said they had sold over 1.5 million units.

Fils-Amie said that even with the extraordinary demand for the NES Classic, that Nintendo needed to focus on the future of Nintendo and other key areas. With the Nintendo Switch still going strong on its release, along with the recent reveal of Nintendo’s 2DS XL, Nintendo so far is focusing on other, more current hardware.

However, there have been rumors floating around that Nintendo is also starting to make a SNES Classic. If this is true, it might outstrip NES Classic sales, though we’ll have to wait for official confirmation to see if it will actually be released later this year.