Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Controls Explained; Universal and Simplified Combos

Many from the fighting game community continue to express concerns regarding the “accessible” controls being used by Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. To be fair, the developer is yet to fully unveil the input schemes. However, recent leaks have only helped in fueling trouble. In fact, it even forced Capcom to shut down a rumor that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has done away with the traditional Dragon Punch motion.

A new post on NeoGAF sums up the controls and gameplay features of the game by combining reveals, features, and interviews from different sources in the past month.

To begin with, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will feature a six-button layout: Light Punch, Heavy Punch, Light Kick, Heavy Kick, Infinity Stone, and Character Switch. Each side will be limited to just two characters, both of which can be switched at any time.

Every character in the game will have access to three different universal combos. In other words, players will not have to bother themselves by remembering difference sequences for different characters. In addition, the developer has eliminated any further complications by removing the need of any directional inputs for two of these combo strings.

  • Hyper Combo (for insane damage): Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Ground Combo (Standard): Keep hitting Light Punch
  • Ground Combo (Extended): Light Punch, Light Kick, Heavy Kick, Down + Heavy Punch

Countering combo attacks has been replaced with an easier approach. Provided that there are two Hyper bars, holding the character switch button will have the second character rush on the screen to break the combo being done against the player.

The traditional assists that we enjoyed in previous installments has been removed as well. That being said, the recent gameplay trailer did reveal Ultron to be able to call in his minions for help. That, though, is part of his thematic design.

There are a lot more changes noted in the same post, and all of them relate with the simplified approach of Capcom. Interestingly, the developer has stated that there will be a variety of other ways through which advance players can express their skill levels.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will officially release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 19.