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League of Legends Will Soon Get More “Sexy Girl Champions”

Rest easy fellow summoners, Riot Games has not abandoned the idea of adding more “sexy girl champions” in League of Legends.

In a new post on the Nexus, champion designer August “JinxyLord” Browning noted that it has been over three years since the last “appealing” female champion was released. Back then, the developer decided to move away from designing “hourglass girls” because the game needed more variety.

“There are a lot of different ways to make compelling female characters that don’t revolve around raw sex appeal,” said the developer. “Having a large variety of female and male characters is really good for us. Lets us hit a ton of different niches which is important with a roster as big as ours.”

League of Legends already features a number of female champions, and most of them do categorize as attractive. There is Miss Fortune, Morgana, Ahri, Syndra, Elise, Katarina, Ashe, Janna, Sona, and more.

Riot Games believes that it is time to end the hiatus and make another female champion that forces jaws to drop. However, the developer is not just interested in the sex appeal, and especially not if it goes against the theme of the champion in question.

“The key is the character’s looks HAVE TO MAKE SENSE,” explained the developer. “Visuals should support the overall theme of a character, not be there in spite of it. The way Caitlyn looks makes no sense for a prim and proper sheriff. The way Ahri looks makes a ton of sense for a succubus.”

On the subject of femme fatales, Evelynn is scheduled to receive a rework this year. Riot Games wants to solidify her as the assassin she was meant to be. Though, a recent leak suggested that she is going to be more scantily clan than ever. We are looking forward to it.