Josef Fares, Director of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, Has Something For E3

Josef Fares, the director of the critically acclaimed adventure game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, has teased for people to keep on the lookout at E3. It’s been around four years since Brothers first came out, so it seems like Fares thinks it’s time to release another masterpiece.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons told the story of, of course, a pair of brothers, who had to complete a hazardous journey in order to recover a flower to heal their sick father. In addition to the game’s unique control mechanics, which required you to control both brothers to get through puzzles and to move in general, the game won praise for its emotional story.

The next game by Josef Fares may be a game that got a trailer at the 2014 Video Game Awards. While we didn’t get much information on it, not even a title, and the trailer was kind of lacking (it was simply a shot of two people on a train), we may learn more about it at E3.

When the new game was first unveiled back in 2014 it was still very early in production. However, now that it’s been three years, we’ll likely be able to see more of it, maybe even some gameplay and a name.

Hopefully it will be another Josef Fares masterpiece, fully able to keep you invested with no dialogue and making you cry with the emotional moments that its story offers. However, until we actually learn more about it, we’ll just have to wait and see when it’s going to come out.

We may be seeing a release date along with its platforms at this year’s E3, if Fares’s tweet is accurate. However, there’s still around a month and a half to go until the convention actually starts, so fans of his work will just have to be patient.