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Destiny: XUR Agent Of Nine Is Back With Knucklehead Radar, Obsidian Mind And More

With the reveal of Destiny 2, Bungie has made it clear that the studio intends to support Destiny as long as it can for the players to enjoy. Now, XUR: Agent Of The Nine has come back for the weekend with more exotic items and curios. So gather all you Strange Coins and Motes of Light as it is time for shopping.

XUR Agent Of The Nine can be found in the Tower, near the speaker. This week XUR brings his usual assortment of exotic gear, Curios and exchange materials which include Knucklehead Radar hunter helmet, Obsidian Mind warlock helmet, Trespasser sidearm and more. You can check out all the XUR Agent of the Nine stuff here.

While Destiny 2 has been revealed not much in known about the game at the moment. However, fans have come up with a theory for the upcoming game, but not without any evidence to support their theory. According to this fan theory, Fallen will be allies in Destiny 2.

The evidence for this fan theory is Destiny’s Grimoire. Grimoire added in Age of Triumph known as Ghost Fragment: Fallen 6 explains that Fallen are fleeing from Earth and they have burned their banners. According to the fan theory, the reason that Fallen are leaving Earth is because of the Cabal attack on the Last City and the traveler himself.

Destiny has a dedicated player base that takes on self-imposed challenges. One such dedicated team of players have also completed an incredible self-imposed challenge and also made a record in the process. The team defeated a raid boss in just 15 seconds.

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter in development at Bungie and is scheduled to launch this fall for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Also, Bungie will showcase the first gameplay for Destiny 2 on May 18.