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New Video Shows Off Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Nemesis System

A new video by IGN has given us an early peek at the Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nemesis System, particularly in how it relates to the various fortresses players will be conquering over the course of the game and how the surrounding region will also look under Mordor’s rule and yours.

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Talion will be conquering a number of regions that are each guarded by fortresses, each of which are held by an Overlord, who commands the various Warchiefs. The video tells us how we can weaken these fortresses and their Overlords by targeting the various Warchiefs that serve the overlords, using the Nemesis system.

By killing the Warchiefs and Overlords, you can also alter how the region looks when it’s under your control. In the video, both the Overlord and his Warchief bodyguard are part of the Mystic tribe, a group of Orcs that practices dark magic. In the territories covered by the video, their territory is filled with various spikes and banners that show their control, along with a number of totems that help them raise the dead.

When Talion conquers the fortress, depending on the captain he puts in charge of the fortress, the region will change again; buildings will look different, banners will be a different color and design, and instead of necromancy totems, new totems that summon dragons instead can be put in place, much like the drake we flew in the opening gameplay debut.

There’s likely going to be a lot more information about the Middle-earth: Shadow of War Nemesis system in the future, but hopefully, as the game’s August 22 release date goes closer and closer, we’ll be seeing more and more cool stuff about the game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on August 22, and hopefully we’ll see more of it at E3.