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For Honor Season 2 Trailer Introduces Shinobi and Centurion Classes

Following several weeks of leaks and rumors, Ubisoft has finally announced the two new classes being added to For Honor with the start of the second season.

Both the Shinobi and Centurion classes will be free for those who own the game’s season pass. The rest will have to unlock them by spending precious in-game or real-world currency. Their official descriptions can be read below, with more details and footage to arrive in the coming weeks.

  • Shinobi (Samurai Assassin) are silent warriors able to move with a dancer’s grace and kill with precision thanks to a lifetime of disciplined training. They wield the traditional Japanese Kusarigama.
  • Centurion (Knight Hybrid) sees the battlefield like a chessboard. Equipped with the reliable standard issue gladius, Centurions can bypass enemy defenses through strategic close-quarters combat.

In addition to the new classes, Ubisoft will release two new multiplayer maps called “Forge” and “Temple Garden.” The developer is also adding a new level of gear rarity called “Epic” as well as adjusting the “entire gear stats system” for balance. Furthermore, the community can expect a lot of customization items heading its way as well as several gameplay updates.

For Honor will reset its current in-game Faction War and commence with the new “Shadow and Might” season on May 16. Do note that owners of the game’s season pass will be able to access the new content then but others will have to wait it out for another week.

Recently, a rumor began circling about a new Coliseum map that Ubisoft may possibly be working on. It was teased through a featured video that was highlighting the importance of Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in video games and how they bring the worlds of Ubisoft to life by telling their own stories.

There is no confirmation on whether the Coliseum is indeed a new For Honor map. Though, it does match the theme of Centurion class for the game.