DICE Forced to Adjust Battlefield 1 Netcode Limitations After Community Outcry

A couple of days back, the highly anticipated Spring Update arrived with several adjustments and improvements for the Battlefield 1 netcode.

One major change was the marking of a new latency threshold, above which all players have to “lead their shots as server-side hit-detection is performed.” In other words, any player with a ping of over 100 ms is at a serious disadvantage and must fire ahead of enemy targets to take into account the newly enforced delay.

It should be noted that the Battlefield 1 netcode changes were already present on the Community Test Environment (CTE) earlier this month. However, no one realized how harsh the penalties were until they started playing after the release of the Spring Update.

Intentional or not, the hit-registration and detection is currently at an all time low for players with high pings. Several from the community took to social media last night to voice their disappointment and anger over the new netcode changes.

Killing enemy soldiers on the move is tough enough, but many have reported that even stationary targets remain unfazed when fired upon. Compared to before, those with pings of over 100 ms are currently having a nightmare trying to rack up kills.

As far as DICE is concerned, the new rule is simple. Play below the threshold or face the consequences.

“Why do you think it is fair that while you enjoy a great smooth game with a high ping, all players with a lower ping have a hard time killing you?” responded a developer to a player in a related thread on Reddit before sarcastically adding “I am happy to hear how we can make the game real fun and fair for the vast majority of low ping players who have to deal with inherent jittering of your higher ping connection.”

Here is what is actually happening in Battlefield 1 right now:

Since the game’s release, there have often been debates on the favorable lag compensation for players with high pings. However, as many have been questioning since yesterday, is 100 ms really a high ping? It is understandable if players are teleporting across maps with a ping of over 200 ms or worse, but penalizing many who are unable to access regional servers has not been met kindly by the community.

That being said, those with low pings are rejoicing the update to the Battlefield 1 netcode. This may mark the end of the game for all those who are forced to play on anything over 100 ms, either due to regional or connectivity factors.

While dark days have surely descended upon the game, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. According to a recent thread on Reddit, DICE has decided to release a hot-fix soon that will increase the latency threshold from 100 ms to 150 ms. In addition, the developer is looking to add a few “low ping priority servers” that will hopefully satisfy the local players.

There is no telling if the increased threshold will help matters.