AMD Vega GPU Packaging Revealed, Bundled With Quake Champions?

We are getting a lot of leaks regarding AMD Vega lately and we know that there will be a limited edition version of the GPU as well. Here we have the AMD Vega GPU packaging and it seems that the GPU comes bundled with a copy of Quake Champions. id Software did talk about the game being optimized for AMD Ryzen and Vega, it could be possible that this is a promotion as well.

We have seen the premium limited edition AMD Vega GPU packaging so it is unlikely that this is the same thing. This could be a more mainstream version. Quake Champions is a highly anticipated multiplayer game that has high replayability so it would make sense that it would be bundled with upcoming AMD Vega GPUs.

The box shows that the GPU features DirectX 12, Vulkan, Radeon Chill, Freesync 2 and Radeon Relive live capture support. There is also a tagline that states “Bring Gaming To Life.” This is something interested to mention on the box and it seems that AMD is confident about what the company has managed to achieve with AMD Vega.

AMD Vega GPU packaging

The limited edition will be sold directly by AMD so it is unlikely that it will reach the shelves. Much like what Nvidia is trying to do with their factory overclocked GPUs, the GTX 1080 as well as the GTX 1060. We have seen demonstrations of the AMD Vega GPUs and they seem very powerful and capable of 4K 60 FPS gaming.

There is still much that we have to learn about the upcoming GPUs and the next couple of weeks will be very excited indeed. Intel has given in to the pressure and the company is pushing out products earlier than what was originally planned. We are also getting reports that Nvidia is working on releasing Nvidia Volta early as well.

Let us know what you think about the AMD Vega GPU packaging and whether or not you think the GPUs will come with Quake Champions out of the box.