Nintendo Switch Consoles Back in Stock at Amazon, Get Yours Before They Are Gone

There are a number of Amazon Prime Nintendo Switch consoles now available to buy off of Amazon, but only if you’re an Amazon Prime member. There’s also only one variant available, the default gray Nintendo Switch. The Prime deal offers them from a variety of sellers at slight discounts.

The Nintendo Switch has been having a lot of supply issues ever since it released, with new shipments practically flying off the shelves at every opportunity. While this only speaks to the console’s popularity, the fact that they’re so sought-after may result in this Amazon Prime Nintendo Switch deal coming to an end pretty soon.

Amazon has been one of many retailers suffering from this supply issue; the Switches that are available on the deal are the first ones that have been available on Amazon in nearly a month in the United States. Amazon Prime is a special premium service from Amazon that allows special deals on some merchandise and services.

Unfortunately, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member you won’t be able to buy these Amazon Prime Nintendo Switch consoles, but hopefully, you can at least keep an eye on a variety of other retailers in order to find other areas, unless you want to make an Amazon Prime account. You can make one just long enough to use for the free trial and buy the console.

So, whether or not you have Amazon Prime, and have the money to buy a Switch in good conscience, you can log onto Amazon and get a Nintendo Switch as a part of the deal. Or, if you don’t want to try and get one of the Amazon Prime Nintendo Switch consoles, just keep an eye on the other areas of the internet and keep on the lookout for a Nintendo Switch console box.