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Sony Shipped A Total Of 60 Million PlayStation 4 Units, Predicts To Ship 18 Million More For Current Fiscal Year

Sony has been dominating the console market in this generation since its beginning thanks to the sales of PS4. Now Sony has revealed that it has shipped a total of 60 million PlayStation 4 units by the end of their fiscal year which ended on March 31, 2017.

During its recent earnings call, Sony revealed that it has shipped 2.9 million PlayStation 4 units in past three months. For the full fiscal year, starting from April 1, 2016, and ending on March 31, 2017, Sony shipped 20 million PlayStation 4 units, which is up from 17.7 million units during the prior fiscal year.

60 million units shipped for PS4 is the exact number that Sony predicted back in July 2016, that PlayStation will ship by the end of March 2017. Another key takeaway from the earnings call is that Sony predicts that PS4 will ship around 18 million units for the current fiscal year, which is of course 2 million down from the fiscal year that just ended, however, the company did not reveal why it thinks that sales will dip.

Part of the reason PS4 is selling so well is due to the strong first party title for the console, like Horizon Zero Dawn that launched earlier this year, Uncharted 4 and more. However, future first-party titles for the console are looking strong which include God Of War, Death Stranding, Days Gone and more.

Speaking of God Of War, not much is known about the game except it will be set in Norse mythology and Kratos will have a son. While the studio has not revealed anything new, according to Creative Director, Cory Barlog, the development on the game is looking better every day, which might indicate that we will get to see more of the game during this year’s Sony E3 press conference.

However, according to Micheal Patcher, Sony will lose its console market dominance by 2019. Micheal Patcher said that the console software will soon move off the console and that is when Sony will lose its market dominance. He added that this is going to happen between 2019 and 2020.

Do you think Sony would be able to keep its market dominance after the launch of Xbox One Scorpio? Let us know in the comments.