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Microsoft Shows Xbox One Games On Project Scorpio Hardware

Microsoft has recently shown off a few examples of what Xbox One games on Project Scorpio and its hardware will look like when the console releases. While the pictures shown are only tech demos, rather than full games, they do look more detailed than a regular Xbox One normally does.

Project Scorpio is coming closer and closer to release, and while it still has a long way to go until its Holiday 2017 release date, Microsoft is starting to promote it so that they can sell it well and compete with the Playstation 4 Pro.

However, while the Xbox One Scorpio may have drawn interest with its specifications when they were released several weeks ago, how well the console actually does will depend on its price. At least one retailer has put up a price of 549 dollars, nearly 150 more than the Playstation 4 Pro’s price.

However, the tech demos and Xbox One games on Project Scorpio that we’ve seen so far might be enough to get people interested, especially if the Scorpio’s version of 4K is better than the Pro’s version. The tech demos that we’ve seen so far can be favorably compared to the Xbox One, and the Pro versions of those look even better.

In general, everything from the tech demos looks amazing, with better textures, better hair, better lighting, and more. While the screenshots are limited by being from a 1080p monitor, and thus might not look very different, but they should look amazing on a proper 4K television.

However Xbox One games on Project Scorpio end up looking, hopefully all of the hype that Microsoft has built up for the Scorpio ends up being true. With E3 coming up, Microsoft will most likely take some time in its conference to show off how gameplay on the Scorpio looks graphics-wise.