Street Fighter V Thailand Stage Removed Due To “Unintentional Religious References”

Shortly after arriving with yesterday’s update, the remastered Street Fighter V Thailand stage has been removed by Capcom until further notice.

In an official statement (via Event Hubs), the developer confirmed that the stage contained “unintentional religious references” in its background music track. This was pointed out by many community members, forcing Capcom to immediately cease distribution of the stage.

An emergency server maintenance update has been promised to take place soon, which will remove the track for the remastered Street Fighter Thailand stage and replace it with existing music from another stage. Once the religious references have been edited out from the original track, Capcom will initiate another update that will bring back the stage to the in-game store.

“The Street Fighter V development and operations team, as well as all of us at Capcom, have nothing but the utmost respect for all faiths and religions around the world, and we would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by this content,” noted the developer.

The remastered Street Fighter V Thailand stage included several verses from the “Adhan” or the call to prayers for Muslims in its background track. In addition, there were at least a couple of verses from a particular chapter in the Quran. Ougaming was right to point out that having Islamic references for a Buddhist temple makes no sense and would only cause confusion.

The track in question can be heard below; actually beginning right out with the Islamic references.

Those from the fighting game community who were able to get hold of the stage when it arrived in the store yesterday will be able to continue using it. The rest must wait until Capcom is done with its emergency maintenance to fix the issue.

This is not the first time that someone at Capcom has accidentally dropped references in a game pertaining to Islam. The Resident Evil franchise has received flak for multiple installments over the years for the same reason. Similarly, Bandai Namco had to remove “controversial Islamic content” from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as well.

Elsewhere, the next Street Fighter V DLC character was recently leaked by an online listing to be Ed, the young boy being trained by Balrog in the story mode of the game.