Rumor: Bully 2 Will Follow Red Dead Redemption 2

Released back in 2006, Bully become one of the best IPs to ever come out of Rockstar. Ever since the original game hit the shelves, fans had been wondering about the sequel to the classic game. Rockstar has been silent ever since but back in July 2013, Take-Two who is the owner of the IP, filed a trademark for a new Bully game.

Filed on July 25th, the trademark covers “computer and video game programs and software; downloadable digital materials, namely, wallpapers, screensavers, digital music files, and graphics, videos, films, multimedia files, live action programs, motion pictures, and animation in the field of video games and computer games”.

Interestingly, another trademark was spotted in November of the same year. However, even than Rockstar choose to remain silent and never released a comment. An insider has just made an exciting claim, saying that the Bully 2 is in development and is going to follow Red Dead Redemption. This means that Bully 2 is the going to be the next game from Rockstar after Red Dead is out this year.

If there is a Bully in development, we can not expect it to be out before 2021 at least. Rockstar likes to take its time with game development to ensure quality over quantity. As for Red Dead Redemption 2, the game was releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Fall 2017. PC version is rumored but analysts are ruling out Nintendo Switch version of the game.

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Source: GTAForum