New Tekken 7 Trailer Shows Various Gameplay Modes

Bandai Namco has released another Tekken 7 trailer, unveiling the various new gameplay modes and features inbound with the latest installment in the series.

The fighting game community is likely to be familiar with almost all of them from recent leaks and nods from the developer. Nonetheless, it is always great to have an official confirmation on the game’s online, offline, arcade, tournament, customization, gallery, jukebox modes. Bandai Namco is really looking forward to releasing a complete package this year, assuring fans that they will not have to wait for their favorite modes or features to arrive post-release.

Unfortunately, the Tekken 7 trailer is in Japanese. Unless an English version or translation arrives, it is difficult to decipher what details the narrator is highlighting in the trailer. Viewers, can though, get a glimpse of some of the side-character episodes; featuring Kazuya vs. Akuma, Heihachi vs. a young Kazuya, and another with Jack and King.

A couple of weeks back, Bandai Namco released gameplay footage that pitted Jin against Xiaoyu on the top of a destroyed building in the middle of a war-torn city. It highlighted the fluidity of the game’s combat system, as well as appealing visuals.

For those interested in potential combo attacks, a recent tournament video showcased Akuma bouncing back to take down his opponent in one long series of attacks. The total damage is nearly 100 percent, confirming that despite nerfs, the raging demon still has a lot of reasons to be feared.

Tekken 7 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 2. Pre-ordering the digital version nets you an exclusive Tekken 7 theme alongside Eliza, the immortal blood-sucking vampire.