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New Intel Xeon Platinum And Gold Series CPUs Feature 28-cores, 56-threads

AMD Ryzen is a threat to Intel when it comes to the consumer market and AMD Naples is a threat when it comes to the enterprise market. We know about the AMD Naples chips coming out that feature 32-cores and 64-threads. It seems that Intel has given in to the pressure and released the Intel Xeon Platinum and gold series ahead of time.

The Intel Xeon Platinum and gold series CPUs feature 28-cores and 56-threads and are designed for the enterprise server market. This is not something for average consumers and it is highly unlikely that you would even want to buy one of these CPUs taking into consideration that it costs $12000. The new CPUs support the new LGA 3647 socket.

You can see from the image that the new Intel Xeon chips are very big and beefy as compared to chips that we have already seen in the past. This is to accommodate all those additional cores and threads. The higher core versions of the CPU clock at 2.5 GHz and you can get higher frequency variants as well but they will have fewer cores.

Intel Xeon Platinum

The Xeon chips start from 10 cores all the way up to 26 cores. Lower power chips will also come out but they will be limited to 2 GHz. The high-end version with all the cores and threads has a TDP of 205W. Now that Intel has put its cards on the table it will be interesting to see what AMD will have to offer. We have heard about the Naples platform but there is a lot that we still do not know.

We should get more news and leaks regarding Naples in the upcoming weeks seeing how information regarding Intel server CPUs is already out. Upcoming weeks should be interesting.

Let us know what you think about these Intel Xeon Platinum chips.