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Former BioWare Dev Shows Mass Effect Andromeda Concepts

For a game that was in development for as long as Mass Effect Andromeda, some things were bound to change. Eric Bellefeuille, who now works at Eidos Montreal, shared a number of Mass Effect Andromeda concepts on his Artstation account. Not only did he show concept art, but also some UI changes.

To start with, he showed off a colony interface that the player would make every time they established a new colony on a world in the Heleus Cluster, the game’s main setting. The choice system would allow players to specialize a new settlement in either diplomatic, scientific, or military pursuits.

If you remember the development cycle of Dragon Age: Inquisition, a similar system was supposed to be implemented in that game with the various fortresses and keeps that the Inquisitor and their party could capture.

However, much like in Dragon Age: Inquisition, this mechanic was never really put into play. You can choose between going military and science on the Eos colony in the final game, but otherwise you’re never given the decision again.

Other Mass Effect Andromeda concepts that were never implemented are a variety of other different mechanics, along with other settlement types. A settlement that was going to be named Texas, for instance, never appeared.

Scanning Remnant glyphs was originally going to convey permanent gameplay bonuses, such as more Remnant tech or permanent health and damage bonuses. A Remnant VI was able to be earned by the player in the final game.

One final bit of the original Mass Effect Andromeda concepts that never made it into the final game was the design of SAM, your artificial intelligence in the game. Originally, SAM was supposed to be inside a large tube aboard the Hyperion, rather than being implanted into Ryder’s head or sitting on his desk.

Mass Effect Andromeda sold well regardless, even with complaints of glitching and bad animations, so if you want to see the former Mass Effect Andromeda concepts yourself, you can take a look at Bellefeuille’s Artstation yourself.