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Battlefield 1 Spring Update Goes Live, Here Are the Patch Notes

The highly anticipated Battlefield 1 Spring Update is now live, introducing several new features and bringing adjustments to existing gameplay elements.

Players can log into their respective Origin accounts to begin downloading the 2.30 GB update, going through a lengthy list of patch notes until the bar reaches completion.

The Battlefield 1 Spring Update allows everyone to create, manage, and join Platoons. On the field, players will be able to represent their Platoons with unique tags and emblems. In addition, filling an entire squad with members from the same Platoon will rename the squad to the Platoon’s name. This will be visible to everyone, and capturing a flag with at least two members will bring up the Platoon’s emblem on the flag pole. The developer has also incorporated a ranking system that recognizes Platoon members for their war efforts.

The Medic now has the ability to “spot” fallen allies to indicate that they are about to be revived. Players will see a flashing “incoming medic” message on their death screens, and will also be able to hear the Medic shout for them to not skip the timer.

The game’s lackluster rent-a-server program has left many unsatisfied. DICE is addressing those concerns with the Battlefield 1 Spring Update by giving more powers to server administrators. They can now give other players admin-level rights to their servers, reduce the number of players required to end pre-rounds, and protect their servers with passwords.

Acting on feedback that the game needs more weapons, Battlefield 1 has received four new weapon variants for each class. Completing the special weapon assignments for each will unlock the following:

  • Assault: Hellriegel 1915 (Defensive)
  • Medic: Selbstlader 1906 (Sniper)
  • Support: Huot Automatic (Optical)
  • Scout: Martini-Henry (Sniper)

The Battlefield 1 Spring Update also adds new Ribbons and Dog Tags, as well as fixes and adjustments to several maps and game modes. The developer is still not done with the recent grenade changes; adding another minor throw-delay to all grenades, reducing the outer blast radius of some, and increasing the resupply timers of all lethal grenades.

Earlier today, DICE announced the Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative. It aims to completely revamp some of the game’s core gameplay elements as well as mechanics to be more satisfying and rewarding. This includes changing several weapons that majority from the community have deemed to be worthless, adjusting melee attacks, tweaking the objectives of game modes, looking at in-game communications, and more.