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Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative Will Change Core Gameplay and Mechanics

Just six months into release, DICE is already planning to completely revamp the game with the Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative.

Posting on Reddit, the developer explained that it is looking into many different areas and wants feedback from the community to gain good insight on what changes to introduce. The goal of the Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative is to improve some of the core gameplay elements as well as mechanics to be more satisfying and rewarding.

This includes changing several weapons that majority from the community have deemed to be worthless, adjusting melee attacks, tweaking the objectives of game modes, looking at in-game communications, and more. A “non-exhaustive” list of topics has been shared by the developer as a starting point, with more areas to be added later on based on feedback.

  • Soldier movements
  • Vehicle movements
  • Suppression
  • Weapon mechanics (including grenades)
  • Gadgets mechanics
  • Melee mechanics
  • Destruction
  • Interaction mechanics
  • Game mode mechanics (win conditions, catch-up, flow, rulesets, scoring)
  • Communication (spotting, chat, commo rose, orders, VOIP)
  • Scoring feedback
  • HUD real estate (timings, placement, first-person HUD, as well as killscreen, and deploy)

The “soldier movement” aspect is likely to disappoint players who side-step behind cover to take down enemy targets. The “ADAD” spam is already being looked at by the developer, but there is no confirmation of how it will be changed. Some players have suggested reducing the accurate of shots taken by moving in and out of cover. In addition, DICE is also looking at unreliable movement on rocks.

The Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative arrives on the back of the recent Ammo 2.0 changes, which adjusted the resupply timers for grenades and ammo. DICE has also been busy working on overall game balance and network quality, as well as arrays to promote team-play or objective-focused players.

Whatever changes finalized for the Battlefield 1 Roots Initiative will arrive first on the Community Test Environment (CTE). We are very close to the game’s Spring Update, and it is uncertain whether a few changes from the latest initiative will be packed with next month’s update.