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Awesomenauts Goes Free-To-Play Next Month, Beta Already Live

Awesomenauts is finally shedding its current payment model and transitioning into a free-to-play 2D multiplayer online battle arena title next month.

In an announcement, Ronimo Games brought to attention a beta that is already live for current players. In addition, the Dutch developer revealed the new structure of rewards and incentives that players will get access to. The list is divided between three categories; those who were already playing, those who join during the beta period, and those who join afterwards.

Ronimo Games has confirmed that “nobody will lose any content” during the transition. Existing players will still retain what they unlocked previously, and those who have a registered copy of Awesomenauts before it becomes free to play will be granted a “Founder” status with a unique medal. In addition, Players who own both the game and the expansion packs will automatically be upgraded to the new “Awesomenauts All Nauts Pack” and get access to all playable characters for free, forever.

The free-to-play model of course means that Awesomenauts will be featuring a new form of currency. It is called “Awesomepoints” and can be earned by completing matches against either human opponents or bots. Amass enough points and you can spend them in the shop to purchase characters, profile portraits, and drop pods. In the future, the developer is likely to introduce additional cosmetic options and other areas for players to spend their currency in. However, skins will remain behind a payment wall that requires real-world money.

Awesomenauts is also moving towards a brand new progression system that tracks your profile and individual characters to unlock bonus rewards when particular milestones are reached. This includes bonus currency, exclusive portraits, and various character items.

Awesomenauts will officially become free to play on March 24. More details regarding the transition will continue to arrive in the coming weeks. In the mean time, those interested in getting hold of some exclusive rewards can start participating in the beta event.