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Atlus Is Already Starting To Think About Persona 6, But More Staff Needed

With nearly a year having passed since Atlus released Persona 5 to critical acclaim and huge sales, Atlus has already started to think about Persona 6. However, the studio still needs to get new people and new ideas onto its staff before they start to develop the game, even with Persona 5’s success.

Persona 4 and Persona 5 have unquestionably been some of Atlus’s most successful titles, with the former bringing Persona to the forefront of Japanese role-playing games. Since Persona 5 has gotten critical acclaim, Atlus appears to be on a role.

But in order to make Persona 6 even better than Persona 5, just like 5 was better than Persona 4, Atlus is going to have to put more work into it. That’s why the studio is looking for new creative talent to help the current staff.

Atlus CEO Naoto Hiraoka has said that the hurdles of video game development increase every year, especially when you’re the makers of one of the most beloved RPGs. With people expecting the next Persona game to be even better than the one they just put out, Atlus will not only need new talent on its staff, but also fresh ideas.

Persona 5 proved itself to be a fairly topical and well-written story when it came to the younger generation that it was supposed to attract, encouraging them to rebel against corrupt authority and break out of various “cells” that society has placed them in.

However, just like Persona 5’s story was a different sort of tale from the wacky murder mystery of Persona 4 or the Men-In-Black story of Persona 3, whatever Atlus writes for Persona 6 also has to be well-written, with a good message that people can empathize with.

Whenever the next Persona game gets released, all we can do is hope that Atlus will be able to make it just as good, if not better, than Persona 5.