Report: Vivendi Eyeing To Take Over Ubisoft This Year

Despite Vivendi’s claims that it does not have any intention of a hostile takeover of Ubisoft, the company is getting there. Despite Ubisoft’s Execs resisting Vivendi’s moves, it seems that Vivendi will be taking over the Assassin’s Creed developer and publisher by the end of this year if the new report is to be believed.

According to the report from Reuters, who claim that their sources have revealed that Vivendi is likely to consider acquisitions in the video game and advertising business this year. According to the report, Vivendi’s Chairman Vincent Bollore has to defend his position in the aftermath of uncertainty about company’s future.

The report suggests that there are two companies that are likely to target for Vivendi to take over, these companies are advertising company Havas and Ubisoft. “Vivendi is moving to the second phase, everything will take place this year”. According to the report, the logical target for Vivendi would be the Assassin’s Creed developer.

However, Ubisoft is resisting Vivendi’s efforts to take over the company and would not go down without a fight. According to Ubisoft’s Vice President of live operations, the only thing that made the company successful is its independence and if it is taken away then the company will not be the same.

However, Vivendi has already taken over Gameloft which was founded by The Guillemot family, who also founded Ubisoft. Despite Vivendi’s claims that it has no interest in a hostile take over, but its actions speak otherwise as the company has increased its shares in Ubisoft significantly last year.

Do you think it would be good for the company to be taken over by Vivendi? Will Vivendi be able to take over Ubisoft? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reuters