Unlock Oni Genji and Officer D.Va Skins in Overwatch With Nexus Challenge 2.0

Blizzard has brought back the Nexus Challenge, giving fans of both Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm the opportunity to unlock numerous rewards.

The second iteration of the event is already live and will run for the next four weeks, featuring a different batch of goodies to unlock every week. To be eligible for the rewards, players must play at least five games of Heroes of the Storm with a friend in casual or ranked modes every week.

For the first couple of weeks of the Nexus Challenge, players can unlock the Oni Genji and Officer D.Va skins in Overwatch as well as player icons, banners, and sprays. The last week is of significant importance as it will reward players with ten Loot Boxes.

Week 1 Rewards
Overwatch: Oni Genji skin, Oni icon, and Oni spray.
Heroes of the Storm: Oni Genji portrait, spray, Orochi hovercycle mount, and Oni Genji banner.

Week 2 Rewards
Overwatch: Officer D.Va skin
Heroes of the Storm: Busan police hovercycle

Week 3 Rewards
Overwatch: Officer D.Va icon, Officer D.Va spray
Heroes of the Storm: Overwatch Nexagon mount, Officer D.Va portrait, Officer D.Va spray, Officer D.Va banner

Week 4 Rewards
Overwatch: 10 Loot Boxes
Heroes of the Storm: 10 Loot Chests

Heroes of the Storm is free to play. Hence, there is no reason why someone would let go of this opportunity to get their hands on exclusive rewards. Do note that for the first week, players can claim their rewards after playing against the AI. However, for the rest of the weeks, they must play their games against human opponents.

As exciting as the Nexus Challenge is, Heroes of the Storm is not available on consoles. Since the Overwatch community comprises of many PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, those without access to a desktop system will have to sit this challenge out. That being said, game director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that both the Oni Genji and Officer D.Va skins will be added to the base Loot Boxes at some point in the future.

Speaking of Loot Boxes, it was recently calculated by community members that it will require at least $1,172 or £967 to unlock every item in the Overwatch shop.