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TimeShift is Now On Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

TimeShift has now taken its name to the next level since it’s been added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list, according to Larry Hyrb, otherwise known as Major Nelson. Two other games, Assault Heroes 2, and Commanders: Attack of the Genos have also been added to the list today.

TimeShift is probably the most well-known of these games, and while it received fairly mixed reviews when it released on the Xbox 360, does have a novel concept. The player takes the role of a scientist that must fight a megalomaniacal colleague who altered the timeline to make himself dictator of the world. The game allows players to manipulate time with the help of their advanced suit, which helps them stop, slow down, or reverse time, so you can dodge bullets, steal enemies’s weapons, and more.

The two other games on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list, Assault Heroes 2 and Commanders: Attack of the Genos, both got better ratings than TimeShift, but are also both Xbox Live Arcade games. Assault Heroes 2 gives you the ability to hijack enemy vehicles, so you can drive around in them blasting enemies.

Commanders: Attack of the Genos isn’t something as grandiose as the other two games, but it is a fairly competent turn-based strategy game that takes place in an alternate history where humans discovered genetic engineering and created a race of advanced and skilled lifeforms. However, a war has now sparked between the two sides.

All three of these games are available to buy off of the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list, so they’ll likely be a cheap buy of possibly around 15 dollars or your regional equivalent. Depending on your taste, you can either go for a first person shooter, a top-down arcade shooter, or a turn-based strategy game.

So, if any of those games sound interesting to you, you can hop on your Xbox and buy them.