Rumors About Alien Isolation 2 Being In Development Are False

Just recently a rumor was making rounds on the internet suggesting that Alein Isolation developer Creative Assembly is working on a sequel to Alien Isolation. However, turns out that the rumor is entirely wrong as the studio is not working on an Alien Isolation 2.

According to Eurogamer, their sources have confirmed that Creative Assembly is not working on Alien Isolation 2. According to the source, the studio has already started to work on their next project given that the work has been completed on Halo Wars 2, but it is a couple of years way from completion and it won’t be an Alien title.

The report further suggests that the team that the majority of the team that worked on Alien Isolation is no longer working at Creative Assembly. “Cross-referencing the more recent Halo Wars 2 credits with the credits for Alien: Isolation certainly suggests this is the case. In fact, most of the names that do reappear only do so in the ‘Special Thanks’ section and belong to designers that now work elsewhere”.

The game was a critical success but is not considered a commercial success, given that game’s over 2 million lifetime sales, of which majority were sold on discounted price. However, Creative Assembly has not ruled out the possibility of a sequel to Alien Isolation. According to Creative Assembly studio director, Tim Heaton, “Alien: Isolation 2 is not out of the question “because we’re so proud of it and there’s possibly more to be said”.

Alein Isolation is a first-person game, however, the game was not planned like this since the beginning. The game was originally prototyped as a third-person title. During a panel at GDC 2015, developer Creative Assembly revealed some pretty interesting details about Alien Isolation’s development process.

Alien Isolation is a first-person horror survival game developed by Creative Assembly for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Eurogamer